Torii Tales - How it started

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Anu has the strong desire to share her thoughts and show the world her way of seeing the beautiful nature and explore different places. But she could not do it till the time she found a Senior Taiwanese professional bird photographer (called Lǎoshī - Teacher in Chinese) who became her good friend and well wisher

One day she told Lǎoshī just out of curiosity that she want to make a video about nearby Taishan Top Temple, which is beside the university where Anu completed her Masters and Lǎoshī pushed her to record video. Lǎoshī already has all the required equipment like camera, microphone (rather too high end equipment for a beginner) He also talked with the temple authority to have a short conversation with Anu for the video. Thus, the first video was shot with Anu as the main host on 20 June 2020.

But the final video did not see the light of the day till April 21, 2023.

What happened!?

Lot of self doubt clouded her, whether it is ok to share the video, what people think, will I be able to continue this… So many questions

She was really confused. Also, she didn't know how to edit which added to the problem and the raw videos were lying untouched for almost 3 years.

She has a Friend (Akki) who helped her to edit the video and together thought of posting it on youtube.

Thus began the Journey.
Check out the next post on How we name the Channel TORII TALES and what happened next.

Check the First Video below (Shot in 2020, Released in 2023)

The Unknown Story