What's in the Name

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Torii has a deep meaning in many parts of the world.

This word kind of capture the unity and diversity of different asian countries where is called with slightly different names but the essence is same like Japan - TORII, India - TORANA, China - PAILOU, Korea - HONGSAL-MUN

For us Torii represents a transition from mundane to spiritual. We consider life is a sacred gift and we just want to share some positive stories (tales) of People and our love for Nature through this TORII TALES.

Before Torii Tales

Before we thought of Youtube channel, We started a instagram page called TORII Nature.

(Check it from Here)

Lǎoshī (who is kind of a family to Anu & Akki) has been a professional photographer capturing the birds pictures in the natural habitat from the past 15 years. We were deeply touched by his pure joy of pursuing this work without expecting anything. Doing the work for the sake of doing sake!

We thought how come some one does the work so deeply without any monetary benefits. That is a great inspiration for us.

Me and Anu though why not share this with the world in our own capacity, because great art has to be showcased.

As we were searching for names, we stumbled upon TORII, which also means a birds rest. So we put the Name TORII NATURE.

Now Torii Tales is an expansion of Torii Nature

It is a place share Tales of People, Nature and Places!

we are so happy to have Lǎoshī support and guidance in this Journey.

Would be very happy if you could join us in this Torii Tales Journey.

The Unknown Story